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Reasons why men prefer escorts over dating 

Goa is the beach destination to fly when stressed or want a break from the daily grind. There are a lot of beaches where you can have fun witnessing the beauty of the ocean. You can also play in blue waters and walk on the beaches collecting sea shells. You can chill out sipping your favorite alcoholic beverages while sitting on the lounging chair. This is not it. There is much more that men can enjoy when they are in Goa. It is through Goa escort services. These people will accompany you wherever you go and offer you much-needed fun beyond physical pleasure. There are a lot of reliable agencies that supply you with smart, professional and beautiful girls. You have ample choices to choose the escort who meets your preferences. 

You can also talk to escort services in Goa before hiring them to learn the type of services they offer to avoid ending up with disappointment hiring the wrong person. The Goa escorts will have their bios and photos through which you can shortlist and hire the right one to enjoy their companionship and sexual pleasure. Indeed, it is considered to be better than dating by many men where they have to spend a lot of time to impress the girl and meet them regularly to ultimately have what they experience with an escort. 

Men love attention and they want to have pleasure with hot and sexy girls to get mental and physical satisfaction. Dating will need a lot of effort and investment too, but by investing a small amount you can get the escort who offers what you want without judging you. They do not expect anything, especially no emotional bonding with you and all they offer is pleasure at the end. Intimacy is what makes men happy. The majority of men do not like to put effort into impressing the girl. Instead, they look for an easy way to find women who are ready to fulfill their fantasies. These people will never deny anything that a man wants and make them feel special on the bed. 

Few men are happy sleeping with one girl and they want to have pleasure with many and this way escort service in Goa is an ideal option for them. These people will accompany you to social gatherings, business events and other places to give you company and in the night offer you a sensuous massage. The best thing is that they are available for you round the clock to give you bliss. 

A few of the reasons why men prefer Goa escort girls over dating include:

Do not judge your fantasies

Men will have different fantasies beyond the imagination levels of women sometimes. They watch erotic scenes in the movies or look at dirty magazines and get into fantasies. They look for ways to fulfill those with partners, but not all partners are supportive enough to accept and fulfill those desires. Few men do not express their desires due to being judged by their partners. They watch porn and want to try out different positions. Few would love to have intimacy in the bathtub while a few want role play like a doctor, maid, nurse, teacher or neighbor. They love to spend time with the lady in the character for some time. Goa escort services love to experiment in role-plays and they encourage such requests from clients and give the pleasure that men expect. 

Every escort with the best agencies is trained in the art of impressing men and knows how to dance and entice men with their seductive moves. They also do dirty talk with men to excite them and bring them into the mood. These girls also are professional enough to please a man. They try out different ways to grab the attention of men and satisfy their needs like erotic massages, body-to-body massages, feet fetish and so on. It is yet another reason why men choose an independent escort in Goa over dating. They can meet the girl on the same day and fulfil all their sexual fantasies with them. 

No emotional connection 

Many men love to have sex with women but are worried about getting emotionally attached. This turns escorts into their emotional partners and leads to extramarital affairs. Men do not want to carry the emotional burden. They just want to spend some good moments with beautiful women and part ways.  This is the main reason why men turn away from dating and seek companionship from Goa’s independent escorts. All they have together is fun without any emotions involved. 

Escorts take care of every sexual need without you having to bug them. The best part is that the escorts will always be up to try out new things that man suggests without denying. Due to no strings attached, many love to hire escorts from Goa escort agencies to satisfy their unfulfilled pleasures. As you are paying them, the escorts make you feel like you own them. Hiring them will let men do whatever they want without being judged or worrying about the escort’s comfort or permission. 

Have fun whenever you want

Be it you are in Goa or Bangalore or other places, you get escorts in Goa immediately as you book them. Dating will have a lot of restrictions where the girl cannot meet the guy late at night or in the morning. They also cannot have physical intimacy as soon as they meet or know each other. This is the time during which men feel lonely and crave companionship. They want intimacy and touch with women. When you hire female escorts in Goa, there won’t be any restrictions. You can meet them anytime you want, be it 2 at midnight or early morning. They are always excited to try out new ways to increase the pleasure of the client. You can have fun with them as long as you want without getting tired. They long for more erotic pleasure. 

Be you want to have intercourse with them in the back of the car at the hotel or in your apartment, the escort is always up for it. When you date a girl, you have to think a lot to hold her hands, since you would be judged for doing these gestures. With Escort Goa, you can have a fun-filled life to the fullest. 

Dominate her on the bed

Men are aggressive in bed and it is a known fact. However, women prefer to have sex with men who are gentle with them in bed and treat them like roses. No one can change the men. When they see the hot women, they will go wild and enjoy them the way they want. If men date a normal girl, it is a must for them to push down their horny feelings and wildness. Partners sometimes cannot take this wildness from their spouse. 

However, this is not the case with Goa escort. The girls would be prepared and never feel bad despite the man being hard on them. They also accept if the men do dirty talk with them. Few men love to watch movies while enjoying private time with girls. These wishes cannot be fulfilled by the partner or a girlfriend. However, escorts give the freedom men want and let them behave or be the way they want. These girls are horny to have fun with men. They are open to serving men in the best ways. It is another main reason why men turn towards escorts over modern dating. 

Enjoy the thrill

Most of the men would get the thrill of having fun with girls for some time. When men do not find this spark in their regular relationships, they start to hire escorts. These people bring in a lot of joy and add some intimacy to the boring life of men. This is one of the main reasons for men hiring escorts. They know what makes men happy and offer the services that would keep them blissful throughout the night. Men would be happy to meet these beautiful girls. Everyone at some point in time gets bored with their routine and wants to have fun with a new one. Escorts are ideal for having fun with a new girl now and then. It creates an adrenaline rush in the body of men when a hot girl brings closure to them. 

Various occasions on which you can hire escorts

Men love to be women who listen to them always and behave professionally when in public. So, if you have office parties, clubbing, vacation or bachelor parties, you can hire an escort to accompany you with them. 

Office parties

Many bachelors who have come to Goa would come alone to have pleasure. They do not have any relationship but need intimacy to forget all the worries. There are a lot of parties organized in Goa wherein men can book an escort and take them to these parties to introduce and show off the beautiful girls to their friends. The independent escorts are highly professional and well-groomed. They also have good communication to carry themselves well in public. Having fun moments with the beautiful girls and showing off to friends would increase the confidence of men. 

Go to clubs

When you have worked hard for the whole week you deserve to party hard during the weekends. You can add some spice to the party by hiring an escort. This lady will accompany you to the nightclubs where you can booze and dance together and have fun throughout the night. Few men would want to get intimate with the girls in public. Indeed, there is no better place to have fun than in clubs. The girls you hire would be hot, young and bold and would know how to dress and impress you. The walking and talking style would impress everyone. When the escort gets high, it is fun to be around and you cannot imagine the pleasure they offer to you. The intimate moments after a few drinks would take you to heaven. 


Men would love to travel to different places for vacations. They want to go out with hot girls. There is no better place to hang out with beautiful girls than in Goa. These people will act like your girlfriend and partner during the trip and fulfill all your requests happily. You can also have fun with them at different locations. When you are on vacation with them, they care for you like a baby. They will make you feel relaxed and fulfill your emotional and sexual needs. Men love touching hot girls and enjoy them to the fullest. With escorts, you won’t be judged any more and all you have to do is to tell your needs and they fulfill for you. 

You never feel lonely when you are in a new place. Indeed, these escorts will also act as guides and help you out in exploring the adventurous places in Goa. Being in the company of escorts would be fun when you are in a new place. You can visit the city during the daytime and have fun during the evenings and night times with the hot girl in your lap. 

Bachelor parties

Goa is certainly the preferred location to celebrate bachelor parties where they can booze and enjoy to the core at the white sand beaches. There is no dearth of escort services in Goa. You get to enjoy the hot girls from different places. Just tell your requirements to the escort agency, and they will get the girl you want to have erotic fun and sensual massages as long as you want. The parties are organized by friends. The escorts are in high demand for these parties. These people are great at dancing and using all sorts of tricks to seduce you and make you go wild. 

The best thing is that these people are bold and allow you to experiment with all sorts of pleasures you want. You can explain your fantasy to these girls who are skilled in the art of seduction and giving sexual pleasure. They will fulfil every need of you without saying no. The best part is that they do not judge you for having such kinky and wild fantasies. They will also do lap dances and seduce you with their moves. They will increase the temperature of the room with their looks and beauty. You can book as many escorts as you want and let you and your friends enjoy them throughout the night. You feel like in heaven being with these beautiful girls. 

You can either book the girl for yourself to spend the last night of your bachelor life to the hilt. They will give you the intimate pleasure that is filled with a lot of lust and passion. All you have to do is tell them your preferences and book them. 

Social events

Many people would love to hire escorts for social events. When they are alone and in need of a companion, they’re beautiful escorts to accompany them to a wedding, corporate event or social gathering. The friends at the party would be envious of seeing this beautiful girl with you. It also boosts your confidence level when you go with an escort to the party. They are also hired as dance partners. Through them, they can have conversations with people around them without feeling shy. Few will hire these attractive women just for pleasure.

Business events

Few people will hire escorts to take them to professional events like conferences and meetings. It leaves a positive impression on them and entertains the clients. It also acts as an ice breaker for you to start the conversion and give a status to the individual who hires them.


Few people will enjoy the company of a hot girl and love to hire frequently to enjoy the pleasure and fulfill their emotional needs. They will take them out for a romantic dinner, have a night out or simply talk and spend time with them. These people are well mannered, educated and highly attractive. They offer companionship services to people who are lonely and want a company to talk to. There are a few escorts who only offer companionship and do not offer intimate pleasure. However, before booking you need to check the type of service you are expecting from them. Otherwise, booking the wrong person will end up with disappointment and waste of money and time. 


Escorts would offer you great intimate time and have sex with a lot of passion. You have to tell them your preference and make the booking and the rest is taken care of by them. There are different occasions on which you can hire these hot and beautiful girls to enjoy the pleasures you find in the bedroom with them.