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How to be the favorite client of the escort

Escorts are professionals and smart. They offer different types of escorting services like companionship and sexual services. There are a lot of benefits you can reap when you become the favorite client of the escort. When you are a favorite client of the escort, it increases their mood and they will be excited to meet you whenever you book a date with them. This way both will have a great and pleasant experience. It becomes easy for you to book the escort since they will accept your requests whenever you want briskly. The Goa escorts will also deal with a lot of clients. You cannot just like that become their favorite clients. You also have to put a lot of effort into becoming the escort’s favorite. 

There are different things that you can do to become the favorite of the escort. There are different things that the escort will look for in the client. There are many common things that you should avoid and many things you need to remember. 

What do escorts look for in clients?

The first thing escorts will like in clients is showing respect to them. It is quite common in the escorting profession to be treated unfairly. There is a social stigma around people who do sex work and many escorts deal with many clients and face disrespect with them. That is why you always should work harder to show the escort that you respect them as well as their profession. 

This way, the escort service in Goa will feel comfortable working with them. Escorts would love to spend time with playful clients. When they meet multiple clients in a week, dating regularly will get boring as they do it regularly. However, in case clients are playful you can have lots of fun with them on the date. The experience you have will be fun-filled. 

Escorts ensure that the clients are completely clean. Whether you are hiring Goa escorts service for BDSM services or massage services or want their companionship, you need to look your best. The difference between a date with an escort and a regular date is that you are paying the escort with some money. You need to put a lot of effort into taking a shower, wear good clothes and look nice during the date. However, practicing all these does not assure you of becoming the favorite client for escorts. These people will feel comfortable and will be at ease during the date. The more fun they have with you, the more they love spending time with you. It is a must for you to put in a lot of effort to have some qualities that escorts look for in clients. 

Common mistakes committed by clients while interacting with escorts

It is easy for people to commit a lot of mistakes when they are interacting with an escort. It is the first time you are hanging out with them, it is a must for you to understand the mistakes you are committing. 

Sometimes, unknowingly, you commit mistakes. You need to research the mistakes you are committing before the date and avoid them from happening. For instance, many clients live with the assumption that meeting an escort is all about having intercourse. Though you are paying for the sexual services you should not directly start having intercourse with them as soon as you meet them. You need to take some time to break the ice and talk about their likes and dislikes. It develops rapport to know about each other and then become intimate. 

Another common mistake that many make when they are on a date with an escort is not paying the amount in advance or after meeting them. The escorts are doing this job for money. Therefore, make sure that the payment is ready before the day you are going to meet them preferably in cash. This way, you can have a smoother transaction that many escorts love about you. 

Common mistakes clients will commit while hiring an escort

Not many people are comfortable to discuss about sex work. Many believe this to be a stigma and unfair. Many people learn about this work through the print media and TV. It is what leads to clients making a lot of mistakes when hiring an escort. They also treat the client with disrespect without knowing the fact that the Goa call girls love to be with clients who respect them. Escorts will offer a great time and unforgettable experience for clients. In case you want to make the most, it is a must for you to avoid common mistakes. 

Do not ask too many questions

When you are planning to hire an escort, you will need to engage in good conversation with clients in advance. If you do not know the type of services that the escort offers and hire them, it leads to disappointment and wastage of your money. It is a widely committed mistake by clients when they are planning to hire an escort. 

They need to ask questions and tell their expectations. Before the date, you also need to have good expectations about what is happening and the boundaries. If you have never hired an escort, it is tough for you to know what happens if you do not have the right expectations. 

You need to ask questions when you are interacting with them for the first time. It also lets you learn about the type of services they offer what they provide and what they do not.

Do bargaining

Escorts will offer services at the best price. There is room for negotiating when you are planning to hire an escort. However, you should not bargain with them for a long time. Many clients will try to bargain the pricing, but there is a high chance of escorts refuting your offer of the service. When you look at the directory for call girls in Goa, many agencies will showcase the pricing. To avoid falling prey to the scam, you should inquire with the agencies that will offer you services at your price.

Be disrespectful 

Not many media channels have showcased escorts in a good light. This is the main reason why clients do not have respect for clients. It is the main reason for seeing this industry at a low level. When you hire an escort, they have all the right to leave the date in the middle or whenever they want. If you disrespect the escort, they will cancel the date. You need to treat escorts like you do with any other person. The dynamics will be different but this does not mean that you should breach their boundaries and rules set by them. 

Read the agent policy clearly

Before you confirm the date with the escort, the agencies will send you a list of rules and policies. It is the common standard followed by the adult entertainment industry. It is the big mistake that many clients make when hiring an escort. They do not read the policies given by the agency. When you breach the policy, it could result in the escort leaving you. Moreover, you do not get any kind of refund when the escort leaves in the middle due to your bad behavior. 

Have boundaries and expectations set

Whenever you are with an escort, you need to let them know your expectations and have the boundaries set. Irrespective of the service you are availing from them, it is a must to establish rules beforehand.  This way you both will know what to expect from availing their services. It also makes you happy. 

Communicating is an ideal way for you to establish boundaries and expectations with the escort. Many are happy to answer questions about the service. Escorts will appreciate it if you take enough time to learn what they need and check about the boundaries before you date them. You also need to understand the boundaries to become the favorite client of the escort. 

Tips to communicate and establish rapport with an escort

The key tip you need to remember when you want to communicate with the escort is to establish a good rapport with them and stay relaxed. There will be a lot of nervousness and anxiousness for a person when meeting the escort for the first time. So, it is a must for you to stay relaxed and not take tension.

There is nothing wrong with you being open and honest when talking to an escort. These people do not judge you. They give you the freedom to talk. Many love it when the clients are straight and to the point without blabbering. Do not behave rude towards the client and they will not appreciate you being rude towards them. 

Red flags you need to keep a close watch out in escorts

It is easy for you to find escorts on the Internet. There are many agencies from where you can hire escorts. There are also independent escorts whom you can hire for different types of services. You can hire them by doing a Google search. On the other hand, it is also easy for clients to get scammed by fake escorts. They will post pictures and bios and take advance from clients but will never turn up. 

Some of the major red flags you need to look for when looking for escorts to stay safe include:

They will offer the services that not many sex workers are willing to offer to you. 

  • No reviews for you. 
  • Phone numbers will be shown on different websites and in different countries. 
  • You can see the same picture on different sites and with different names
  • Find them easily on dating apps that not many escorts would prefer to be there
  • Navigating through different financial aspects of working with escorts

When you are dealing with an escort, you need to consider the financial aspect. No one would love to offer the services to the clients for free of cost. However, there is room for negotiation on the pricing that the escort demands. Though there is room for negotiation, the escorts would prefer to offer services to the clients who are ready to pay them the fee upfront without doing any kind of bargaining. We recommend you discuss the fee before the booking date so that you can have enough time to prepare for the funds before you start dating. 

Build a long-term relationship with escorts

It is tough for you to build a long-term relationship with an escort. When your escort and you are a perfect match, it will benefit the relationship for a long time. For this, you must take enough time to know about each other slowly and then learn about the ideal ways to communicate with them. You also have to pay the fee on time. 

The escorts will trust people who will pay the fee on time. The most important thing that escorts expect is respect from clients. Those who treat them like shit will never be encouraged by them. They do not like to take the bookings of such clients. Many escorts will deal with a lot of disrespect by the people in many places. So, if you want to have a long-term relationship with the client, you need to treat them with the respect that they deserve. 

Level of confidentiality offered by escort while dealing with the client

When you hire an escort, you will need to be assured that these people will maintain confidentiality in the relationship. On the flip side, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they treat the relationship with great respect. 


You need to learn how to impress an escort beforehand. We have listed out some tips and common mistakes that are committed by many clients when going on a date with an escort. When you can avoid such mistakes, you can become the favorite client of an escort.