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How to make an escort feel special to you?

If you are in Goa for pleasure or a business trip, then definitely you need a companion if you are alone. There come the escort services who are at your service whenever you are horny or feeling lonely. There are beautiful girls with different personalities to satisfy your sexual pleasures. You can make the Goa escorts feel special by doing many things. Doing so will let the escort come back to you whenever you hire them without saying that they are occupied or busy. They would also enjoy your company and will go to another level to offer you immaculate services. When you make the girl feel special, she will be comfortable with you and give you the immense pleasure that you expected. 

Following are the few tips you need to consider to make her sizzle for you:

Do not bargain to reduce the price

Everyone wants different types of services like role play, girlfriend or bondage experience yet they won’t be willing to pay a hefty price for it. So, when you want pleasure, you have to pay a good amount to see heaven in the lap of a beautiful and hot girl. So, when you hire an escort service in Goa for physical pleasure, you should not bargain with her. You should never compare their profession with her time. You should pay her the full bill as soon as you meet her on the day of the service. Keep the money in the envelope and hand it over to her. 

Take good care of grooming

When it is the first date with an escort, you need to take care of grooming like taking a shower, trimming the hair, cutting the beard and wearing neat clothes. All these will impress the girl and make her fall for her. When you spend enough time dressing up well to impress her, the respect towards you increases. You also look handsome. Undeniably, everyone falls for handsome people and gets seduced by their looks. 

Stay genuine 

Never try to act like a person who you are not. The escorts are smart and intelligent enough that they can read your mind. When you meet her do not jump on her hugging and kissing instead wait to talk to her and make her feel comfortable. The girl will be curious to know what you like and dislike. So, you need to be honest when answering these. The Goa escorts service is not just hired to fulfill sexual desires, but also for companionship. They can accompany you or business parties, social events, romantic dates, lunch in a restaurant or shopping. If you are new to the place, they can also be your guide. When you take a beautiful girl to parties, people will feel jealous of you for having such a beautiful-looking girlfriend. 

In a few countries, these services are legal and you can hire them without any issues. The sensuous and gorgeous escorts are there to give you the pleasure and kick off all the stress you had at the workplace. Having spent a night with them will keep you happy for a long time. They do not judge you and listen to your woes. When you share the problems with someone it reduces the burden on your heart. They keep your privacy confidential and never reveal the time spent with you to anyone. The girls know the art of seduction to impress you with their beauty and style of making love. 

Why book a Goa call girl from a reputed agency?

If you are in Goa, it is easy for you to find reliable and cost-effective escort agencies. While enjoying the food, culture and beauty of the city, you can fulfill the wildest fantasies in life by sleeping with the beauties. They are available at any time you want them to serve you. 

There are many ways to book them, but hiring them through an agency is an ideal option. These people maintain transparency in pricing. They have the girls you love to have fun with. These girls will also be willing to offer all kinds of services you want. There won’t be any issue of hidden charges to be paid at the end of the session. The girls will give companionship and fulfill your erotic needs. They will have intercourse in different positions that give you pleasure. They also make you feel special.


The beautiful and hot girls will focus more on professionalism. They will not cross the limits or make you feel uncomfortable asking for your details. They always try to deliver immaculate services. The girls are also well-mannered and know how to behave in public. They are available to give you fulfillment and erotic pleasure. 

Good communication skills

The girls can speak well with clients. They also break the ice when you take them to parties. They will initiate the discussion and never use harsh language. They are soft-spoken and respect every client, be it you are a businessman or a common man. You can book an appointment with her to fulfill all your erotic desires. 

Few tips to make her feel good

When you have reserved the data with the escort, both should be prepared to enjoy wonderful moments, especially the client who rarely gets the opportunity to fulfill their sexual desires in bed. By going through the tips you will learn what important things to consider to make the escort feel good. When you want to know what matters the most while dating an escort and how to make her feel great, you can use these tips

Inform her if you are going to be late

First of all, when you are planning to hire an escort for a romantic date, it is good for you to go through the reviews. The reviews provided by the clients are helpful. It can help you make the right decision. When you have scheduled the date with an escort, if something unforeseen has come up on the date of booking, you need to inform the escort in advance so that they can have another booking without going through this slot. If you cancel the escort booking without any prior notice, then it would be a problem for her since it ruins her entire program. 

Always give enough notification if you are canceling the meeting. The preparation would require a lot of time and effort. The girl will spend a lot of time doing her makeup and dressing. You should not let her waste the time for the date that is not going to happen. 

However, in case you are going on a date, make sure to take a shower and wear good clothes. Also, dab the perfume that keeps you fresh always. If you are going to come late, you need to inform her. It shows their gentlemanly trait to her and increases respect for you. 

Never force her to do the service she is not comfortable with

If the escort you have booked is not offering the service you want like role play or bondage, then you should not force her to do this. If you want to try out some fantasy with this beautiful girl, you need to check with the girl if she is comfortable doing it. Also, while booking you need to tell the expectations to the girl. So, she will be prepared to meet your expectations and ensure to get the sex equipment that is required to give you the thrill in bed. 

No matter how many times you have booked the same escort to offer you the service, never ask her to provide you with free service for once just because you are her loyal customer. So, do not ask anything that makes the escort feel you are behaving rudely. 

Shower before visiting the escort

Refresh yourself before you are going to see a beautiful girl who can fulfill all your darkest fantasies in the bedroom. In case you have directly come to see the escort from work, you can take a shower in the hotel room. In most cases, the escort will ask you to take a shower before going into action in bed. This is a kind of respect you are showing her. No one wants to sleep with someone who stinks and has a sweaty body. The escort will come super clean and look beautiful. 

You should never look less than that. You can use perfume and do not forget to clean your teeth. Wear nice clothes that impress the Goa call girls and treat the woman like you treat the other women. Be respectful throughout the meeting. You should never ask any kind of personal questions that make her feel uncomfortable to answer. She will also feel anxious and this could result in taking a toll on the date. By following this tip, you can have a nice date with her. The escorts would love men who behave like gentlemen and offer the best services. 

Is it good to date the same escort once or several times?

Some clients would love to meet the same lady who offers them great escort services. On the flip side, there are a few customers who love to try hiring different ladies. Also, a few others would like to hire an escort to experience the pleasure they are offering once. There are many advantages one can reap by hiring the same escort regularly. 

The first thing is that you should be comfortable and confident in bed. When the escort knows that the same customer is returning to her multiple times, then she would not suspect him. They will be willing to offer both in-call and out-call services. They need not have to be suspicious about the customer being dangerous. There are escort companies that offer discounts and bonuses to regular customers. As long as you keep these tips in mind, the date will remain unforgettable. 

What to expect on future dates

When you are going to the same person you will know what to expect. Sometimes, the escort will post photos that are attractive and will be deceiving. They might not look the same when you meet them in person. It will ruin your day as you have a lot of expectations of being and spending time with the girl you saw in photos. In photos, the call girls in Goa will look like models. 

Also, a few girls will show the photos that were posted a few years ago. It is hard to believe that the person you want and the person you see in pictures are the same. In this case, it leads to disappointment. As you have booked them, paying a whopping amount of money for different services, but seeing them spoils your mood. However, there are times when you can have a positive experience by spending more time with the top models than what you have booked for. 

You can avoid all these problems when you book the same escort regularly for physical pleasure and companionship. With the same escort, you develop an intimate understanding. The girl knows what gets you into the mood and makes you horny. She will try all the foreplay that brings you in the mood and gives you enough pleasure. You both get to know each other well, meeting regularly. The escort will know what makes you happy in bed and gives you all those and you will feel amazing and have nothing to worry about when booking them. 


When you are horny and your girlfriend or wife is not available to satisfy your desires, you can hire an escort. They are available for you all the time, be it early morning or late at night. You can book the escort by seeing the photo and bio. The agency will send them to your location or the escort will have a safe location where you both can spend a night having great pleasure exploring each other’s body. They know the points in the body that make you feel sensual and focus more on those areas giving the pleasure you want. Never miss an opportunity to spend a night with an escort by booking their services wherever you go.